Rebecca Farris

Organization / Planning / Creating
20 Years
Number of Children
Favorite Part of Homeschooling
The time spent teaching, creating opportunities, and watching each child develop their distinctiveness.

Although my children are all grown adults, some in college and others married with careers, my primary job is still mom. Spending time together still incorporates conversations about life where I can continue to share my experiences to help them on their journey. My day job is working as the C.E.O. of Home Educating Family Association, where I find my personality strengths are at their best. I love solving problems and coming up with new ideas. The love of my life is my husband, Leroy, who encourages me as I dream big and take each step into new adventures. It is his love and support that is my constant strength.

Homeschool Journey

As a homeschool graduate, I was determined to never homeschool! But then I had children, and when my oldest came of age to attend school, I thought perhaps I could school her for kindergarten and then send her to school for 1st grade. The same thought occurred to me when it came time for 1st grade, then 2nd, and this continued to happen all the way through 12th grade. Obviously, homeschooling, done differently, made all the difference. 

At one point I had a newborn, toddler, preschooler, 1st grader, and 3rd grader. To say life was full is an understatement. Yet, I was also the full time bread winner, running my own software design company. I learned through careful planning, a consistent schedule, taking time for myself, and a lot of hard long hours that I could do it. And I did.

Not every day was idyllic, but overall, homeschooling allowed me time with my children to oversee their education and provide opportunities based on their interests and talents. We traveled to each of the lower 48 states, have seen more than a dozen national parks, rode a roller coaster at every Six Flags theme park in the U.S.A., and even explored other countries.

Homeschool Goals


Helping my children prepare for adulthood by understanding different perspectives and how people arrive at them.


Challenging my kids to never take someone's word, rather, do the work of asking questions and finding answers.

No Limits

By setting the example that you can accomplish anything, training my children to dream big, determine the goal, set the plan, and tackle the task.


I often joke that I have a 6th grade education, because I began homeschooling in 7th grade. Although my homeschool experience was dismal with my mother as the teacher, my father would take me to work each day, and that’s where my education began. By the age of 18, I’d learned bookkeeping, logistics, retail, computer programming, and everything it takes to run and build businesses. Although I desperately wanted to attend college, the conservative Christianity I was raised in did not allow it. Instead, I taught myself everything I needed to know as I needed it. I learned multiple programming languages, graphic design, web design, marketing, publishing, and much more. It turns out, education is what we make of it. 

Passions and Hobbies

As an introverted mother of five little ones, I made my home the place I wanted to be most. I love baking, decorating, and all things home making, but my passion is learning. At any given time, I am reading and learning on no less than 10 topics. My favorite topics include psychology, theology, education, and how the brain functions. As someone who stays very busy, I love getting to the lake to take a breather. With a book in hand, generally a suspense crime novel, I enjoy soaking up the sun while learning to just be.

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