Ann Hibbard

Writer / Discipleship / Training
15 Years
Number of Children
Favorite Part of Homeschooling
Catching the lightbulb moments when hard concepts finally clicked or when one of my kids discovered a personal passion.

With my youngest now well into his high school years, I’m enjoying being on the home stretch of my homeschool career. As a ministry family, I’ve loved the way homeschooling has given our kids a consistent education despite the frequent transition that ministry brings. Even though we haven't had a single place we've called "home" throughout the years, we've loved the variety of experiences that each new home has brought. My desire as a homeschooler has always been to provide my children with a solid academic foundation, much-needed life skills, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Homeschool Journey

Ann grew up on the mission field where she was homeschooled through most of her childhood. She had a desire to homeschool her own children, but she also wanted to be open to other options. When her oldest showed learning preferences and needs that did not fit with a traditional education approach, it became clear that homeschooling really was the best option. Ann enjoys a literature-based eclectic approach to education, with a desire to provide a strong academic foundation that will allow the kids to freely pursue their passions as they head into adulthood.

Homeschool Goals

Love of Learning

To instill a love of learning that will stretch beyond formal academics and turn into a lifelong pursuit of learning.


To build a solid academic foundation that will allow her children to pursue whatever career they desire.

Passions & Interests

To help her children identify their passions and interests and learn to pursue them, either as vocations or for enjoyment.


Ann earned a BA in Christian Counseling but chose not to pursue counseling as a career. Instead, she tries to be intentional about reinforcing her counseling training through informal learning while also continually pursuing training in education, writing, and social behavior. She makes it a point to keep her “books to read” list full and varied so that she’s always learning something new.

Passions and Hobbies

Ann loves reading, especially historical fiction and fantasy. She also enjoys writing and has gone through seasons of maintaining a blog. Eventually she hopes to grab hold of some of the bigger ideas floating around in her head and turn them into books. But when it comes to relaxation, there’s nothing better than working on a sewing or knitting project or enjoying time around the fire pit with her family. 

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