Teisha Priest

Writer / Author / Blogger
11 Years
Number of Children
Favorite Part of Homeschooling
When my kids ask the hard-to-answer questions!

I’m a home educator and work-from-home mother of four. My husband and I are raising our kids in rural Maine, where the winters are long, but the night skies are breathtaking. I’m drawn to the quiet, slower pace of life here—though between homeschooling and working, there’s still more than enough to fill my to-do list. My goal as a home educator is to give my children a solid academic foundation, the confidence to pursue their goals, and the curiosity to keep asking questions.

Homeschool Journey

Teisha spent time as a student in public school, private school, and homeschool settings. Understanding the pros and cons of all three, she decided that homeschooling was the option that would allow her the flexibility to offer her children a customized and challenging educational experience tailored to their individual needs. Taking an eclectic approach to education, her goal is to start with a strong academic base while encouraging curiosity and allowing her students room to explore when a particular subject piques their interest.

Homeschool Goals

Love of Learning

Encouraging curiosity and the desire to learn more.

Creativity & Talents

Inspiring creativity and the development of unique abilities.

Personal Responsibility

Instilling character and an understanding of the importance of personal responsibility.


A homeschool graduate, Teisha made the choice to forego formal college education, but that did not prevent her from continuing her education via individual classes, seminars, and reading. As a proponent of lifelong learning, she makes it a priority to set aside time to learn more about education, healthy mental and emotional development, as well as any other topic that captures her fancy.

Passions and Hobbies

Teisha was the kind of kid who always asked “Why?” and “What if?” She never outgrew asking those questions and still enjoys diving into a topic for no other reason than to satisfy her curiosity. In addition to writing about homeschooling and related topics, she also writes science fiction stories. When she needs a break from books and writing, she picks up her knitting needles or indulges in a bit of amateur astronomy.

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